Academic Pillar

The academic events during the STAR Management Week aim to inspire students. Listen to inspiring stories, discuss hot topics with C-level executives, develop your skills at a variety of training sessions, and join us in Paris for our International Academic Event!

Academic events

Opening Ceremony

The 36th STAR Management Week kicks off with an Opening Ceremony where various speakers will take us through their journey of being a student and becoming successful in their own way. With this year’s theme being “Explore, Pursue, Achieve.”, the speakers will talk about how they Explored their possibilities, Pursued their goals, and Achieved their dreams. The Opening Ceremony will end with a networking drink, where you have the opportunity to meet ambitious and enthusiastic students, as well as the attending speakers. Join us, and explore what possibilities lie ahead!

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Honorary Discussions

This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our well-known Honorary Discussions. In a formal setting, various themes will be introduced by inspiring keynote speakers, followed by round table discussions where students and speakers will be able to ask questions, share their perspectives, and challenge each other. The Honorary Discussions are the perfect opportunity for speakers to learn students’ perspectives of various, relevant issues while sharing their own experiences. For students, the Honorary Discussions are a unique experience to interact with C-level executives in a small group setting. The event will end with a networking drink where you get the chance to further discuss the topics and network with all students and the attending honorary guests.

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Visionary Talks

What makes a company “future-ready”? During the Visionary Talks, various speakers will get the opportunity to share their opinions and experiences on diverse subjects within the theme “The Future of Business”. During this talk show, students will be inspired and introduced to new visions by a diverse group of speakers. This event consists of two rounds where five guests will engage in discussions led by a host. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding those topics and challenge the attending speakers with their own perspectives and knowledge. The Visionary Talks will end with a networking drink, where you can socialize and network with students and attending speakers.

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International Academic Event (IAE)

The IAE is our very own study trip! In three days, you will visit a partner university and two companies in a European city. This year, we will travel to Paris! Furthermore, there will be social activities and some nice dinners. Join the International Academic Event to get to know international companies, explore a new university, and get to know your fellow students from the 9th of November until the 11th!

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Training Sessions

Develop and improve your skills during one of our interactive training sessions in a fun and informal way. Learn how to brand yourself, how to become a great leader, and how to set up your own innovative company!

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CEO for one day

Do you dream of being a C-level manager in the future and do you wonder what it is to lead a large company? This is your chance to experience what it is like to be one for a day! During the C-level manager for a day event, you will experience a day in the life of a C-level manager and take a glimpse at your potential future. Excited to participate in this unique activity? Then don’t hesitate! Sign up now and specify why you should be a C-level manager for a day in a short motivation letter.

Entrepreneurship Day

Do you want to know more about the struggles of a start-up and do you wish to start your own successful company? Then join us at the Entrepreneurship day on Wednesday, November 2nd! During this day, starting your own business will be the central focus. A start-up will present itself to you and after a pitch training, you will work on a real-life case provided by the start-up. At the end of the day, students will get the chance to pitch their solutions to the jury. The winners of the case will receive a small prize! We will end the day with a drink.

Third Year Bachelor Tracks

We aim to create the perfect fit between companies and students at the STAR Management Week. To optimize this fit, we have incorporated a series of tracks representing academic subfields. These tracks are similar to those of RSM’s bachelor curriculum and are:

  • 1. Analytical Decision-makers
  • 2. Performance Analysts
  • 3. Behavioural Experts
  • 4. Global Thinkers
  • 5. Business Developers