Academic Pillar

The academic events aim to inspire students. We also offer the opportunity to develop yourself in one of the trainings. You can also join the Master Orientation Fair to learn more about the RSM masters.

Academic events

Opening Ceremony

The 35th STAR Management Week kicks off with an outstanding Opening Ceremony on this year’s theme: Shape your Ambition. A host will introduce prominent speakers that will inspire the audience by sharing their stories about the choices they have made to pursue their ambition. The Opening Ceremony will end with a networking drink, where you have the opportunity to meet ambitious and enthusiastic students and fellow speakers. The event will be an afternoon to remember.

Honorary Discussions

Due to the repeated success of our well-known Honorary Discussions, the ninth edition will be taking place this year. In a formal setting, various themes will be introduced by inspiring speakers, followed by multiple round table discussions. The Honorary Discussions are the perfect opportunity to get to know students’ perceptions of various issues while sharing your own experience with them. The table settings rotate each round, making the Honorary Discussions a unique event where you will have the opportunity to speak to a large number of honorary guests and students. The event will end with a networking drink where you not only get the chance to further discuss the topics with the students but to network with your fellow honorary guests as well.

Visionary Talks

Multiple speakers from different backgrounds will get the opportunity to share their leadership experiences and analyze interesting developments in this field. The goal of this event is to inspire students by introducing them to new visions and various inspirational ideas. The event will consist of two rounds where two or three honorary guests will engage in discussions led by a host. Enthusiastic students will get the chance to ask questions, making it an interactive event. The Visionary Talks will end with a network drink, where you can socialize and meet enthusiastic students, and network with fellow speakers.

Master Orientation Fair

At the Master Orientation Fair you will get the opportunity to ask questions to current students, alumni and professors of the RSM masters. During the first edition of this event, you can also speak with student advisors about the master-choice. The Master Orientation Fair is a perfect activity for second and third year students.

International Academic Event (IAE)

The IAE is our very own study trip! In three days, you will visit a partner university and two companies in a European city. Besides that, there will be social activities and some nice dinners. Join the International Academic Event, to get to know international companies and to connect with other students!


Join one of the interactive trainings, to improve your professional skills in a fun and informal way. Some examples of trainings are: personal branding, investment training and a LinkedIn training.

CEO for one day

Do you dream of being a CEO in the future? And do you wonder what it is like to lead a large company? This is your chance! Start now by participating in CEO for One Day. During this event you will experience a day in the life of a CEO and take a glimpse at your potential future. You will be part of conference calls, meetings, important decision making and all the CEO’s other responsibilities. Excited to participate in this unique activity? Then don’t hesitate! Sign up now and specify why you should be CEO for One Day in a short motivation letter.

Innovation Day

During this day, innovation and start-ups will be the central focus. The day will be kicked off with a presentation by a representative of a start-up who will talk about what innovation is and what it takes to innovate. After that, a short pitch workshop will be given to the students so that you can properly convey the ideas you come up with to the audience later that day. After lunch, the students will start with a real life case provided by the start-up. At the end of the afternoon, the students will pitch their solution to a jury. The winners of the case will receive a small prize, and a drink will take place after the conclusion.

Bachelor tracks

At the STAR Management Week, we aim to create the perfect fit between companies and students. To optimize this fit, we have incorporated a series of tracks, all of which represent academic subfields. These tracks are similar to those of RSM’s new bachelor curriculum and are:

  1. Analytical Decision-makers
  2. Performance Analysts
  3. Behavioural Experts
  4. Global Thinkers
  5. Business Developers

For more information about the Bachelor Tracks click here