Karin de Koning

Country Manager Benelux - Beiersdorf

Know what makes you unique: don’t ever change

Karin (39) is Country manager Benelux for Beiersdorf, the skin care company behind brands like NIVEA. She manages the full busines in both countries; in her own, authentic way. Background: Business Economics/Marketing at Tilburg University. She loves to combine her left and right brain: doubted to study music or business economics, loves the city Amsterdam where she lives but also the country side where she was born, starts the morning with either a kettlebell workout or a dog walk to be energised for each day, and loves the combination of analytics and creativity in her current role.

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Activities with Karin de Koning

Nov 2

Honorary Discussions

  • 11:45 - 19:00
  • Keilepand, Rotterdam

This year the 11th edition of our well-known Honorary Discussions will take place. This event is the perfect opportunity for you to share your perceptions on various topics such as Business Ethics and CSR, with 40 Honorary Guests and your fellow students.  During the Honorary Discussions, 40 inspiring speakers from the top of the business…