Penalty Policy

The penalty policy is our standard policy and no discussion is possible.

The penalty policy applies to all events during the STAR Management Week with exception of the Visionary Talks, Orientation Talks, Honorary Discussions, Social activities, and training sessions.

Signing out of a component of the STAR Management Week is only possible through the portal on To compensate for the damage suffered by the STAR Management Week and to give everyone a fair chance to participate in popular activities, we apply a no-show policy. The policy contains the following rules:

For activities during the STAR Management Week 2022:

  • If you unsubscribe at least two (2) working days before your activity takes place, you will not be fined. Beware: only cancellations that were done before 5 pm are accepted. Upon signing out the portal will send you a confirmation e-mail. This is your evidence for signing out, if no confirmation is received it is your responsibility to contact the SMW for confirmation. If you unsubscribe later than 5 pm, two (2) working days before the activity, a fine of €15.00 will be charged.
  • If you do not unsubscribe at all for an activity at the SMW and do not show up, a fine of €25.00 will be charged.

The maximum amount that you can be fined will be €75.00.

When a participant is not able to sign off because an event occurred beyond their control, the participant needs to contact the STAR Management Week within two (2) weeks after the fine is given. The STAR Management Week will look into the specific case and take a final decision about the fine.

The STAR Management Week is allowed to process financial information of the student in case it needs to collect a fine. The fine will be donated to a good cause.