Sjoerd Blöm

CIO - Royal Schiphol Group

Management is about doing what you are told to do, leadership is about doing what’s needed.

Sjoerd has been Schiphol’s CIO since January 2017.

As CIO, Sjoerd did not just focus on making the Tech & Data teams run smoothly; he invested most of his energy into making all parts of the airport better through Tech & Data. The strategies that Sjoerd developed and executed with his team were “to become the best Digital Airport (2017-2020)” and “Think & Act like a Tech company (2021-2023)”.

Currently, Sjoerd dedicates most of his time bringing digital solutions created at Schiphol to other airports. He does this as part of the Schiphol Aviation Solutions team that has as its motto “Technology at Schiphol, available to the world”.

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