Social Pillar

Besides the career and academic events, we’re also organizing a few social activities. By joining one of our socials, you can connect with students from different study years and expand your network!

Highlighted Social Events

Wine Tasting

One of the traditions of the STAR Management Week is the wine tasting, which will take place at a beautiful location in the city of Rotterdam. Accompanied by a true wine connoisseur, you will have the chance to taste several wines and learn about their stories. What is your favourite wine?

Game Night

During this special night, you can join several activities together with a group of students. Play a game of ping-pong, petanque or sing your lungs out in a karaoke studio! The Game Night will be located in a very fun location, here in Rotterdam.

Closing Party

On the last day of the STAR Management Week, we like to end off with a bang! The closing party will be themed, and, takes place at a festive location in Rotterdam. Join us to celebrate the ending of this year’s event!