Social Pillar

The Social events of the STAR Management are being organized for you to connect with fellow students in an informal setting. Join our Wine Tasting, Casino Night, and Closing Party and meet new people to expand your network and make new friends!

Social Events

Wine Tasting

The annual wine tasting is one of the most anticipated social events during the STAR Management Week. While tasting different types of wine, there will be an explanation about their origin and taste. All this while eating a complimentary bite with each wine at Trattoria Sophia. Come refine your taste buds and find your favourite new wine at this event!

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Game Night

Meet other students during the STAR Management Week at the Game Night. The Game Night is an interactive event where your skills will be tested. This year’s theme will be Casino. There will be all kinds of casino games like blackjack, roulette, and poker. Will you take the challenge?

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Closing Party

The STAR Management Week will end with a bang! Join us on the last day of the event at the exclusive Closing Party. The closing party will be held at Café de Beurs in Rotterdam! Join us and together with all the participants, we will make it an unforgettable night!

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