Third Year Bachelor Tracks

At the STAR Management Week, we aim to create the perfect fit between companies and students. To optimize this fit, we have incorporated a series of tracks, all of which represent academic subfields. These tracks are similar to those of RSM’s Bachelor's curriculum. This track quiz can help you to make the right choice for the track you will follow in your last Bachelor year.

Third Year Bachelor Tracks

1. Analytical Decision-Makers

This track is for students who want to learn how to support decision-making, such as making a choice among different options, backed up by data and modelling. The courses in this track focus on data management, data-based decision support based on estimation and prediction, and optimisation techniques to make decisions. The courses teach the students how to execute or implement the methods in R, and thus deepen programming skills. Students will learn how to analyse (large) datasets to make informed decisions.

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2. Performance Analysts

This track is for students who want to learn how to execute financial and non-financial analyses and make investment decisions. The courses in this track focus on financial accounting, reading and analysing financial statements, portfolio theory, the functioning of financial markets, reporting on non-financial performance dimensions such as sustainability, and sustainable finance and value creation. Students will learn how to use regression analysis to understand how performance can be explained. And also about experimental approaches to understand the behaviours and motivations of managers.

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3. Behavioural Experts

This track is for students who want to learn how behavioural economics and psychology explain the behaviour of for instance employees and customers. The courses in this track focus on behavioural economics and psychology in a business context (such as fairness, prospect theory, framing), managing people in teams, leadership, cross-cultural management, consumer behaviour, and advertising. Students will learn about experimental research to study behaviours and motivations. And also about survey-based approaches to understanding opinions, attitudes and intentions.

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4. Global Thinkers

This track is for students who want to learn about international business and about firms in a global social-institutional context. The courses in this track focus on internationalisation, emerging markets, institutional contexts and problems, responsibility and sustainability, and the role of business in solving grand challenges. There will be attention for Multinational Enterprises (MNE’s) as well as small international players and “born globals”. Students will learn how to analyse quantitative cross-sectional data and secondary data using regression analysis, as well as analyse qualitative data from case studies and interviews.

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5. Business Developers

This track is for students who want to learn about entrepreneurship, innovation, and change in a business context. The courses in this track focus on idea generation, entrepreneurial mindset, idea management, business models, business growth and development, intrapreneurship, renewal and change management. The courses discuss the roles of individuals, teams, organisations, markets, and systems in business development.

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6. Financial Strategists

This track presents students to the strategic financial management concerns that organizations face and how they connect to the financial managers’ and advisers’ working domain. These include issues with performance evaluation, incentive alignment, tax policies, funding demands and limits, and risk management.

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