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Francesco Wessels - FWCC

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Olympic sport is a great example of excellence, you can only excel in a sport and win a gold medal if you are able to improve every day and are surrounded by an excellence organization. Francesco has been an indispensable link in the develpoment and performances of the Dutch Olympic Team. In his role as Coach of Coaches, He supports the development of the Dutch national coaches in the field of leadership, group dynamics and mental aspects. His 23 years experience as an elite soldier where the fundaments for his ideas. Currently Francesco is working as a performance manager within the armed forced,

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Oct 30

Talent Talks

  • 14:45 - 18:00
  • Club Haug, Rotterdam

The 37th edition of the STAR Management Week introduces a new speaker’s event. Speakers coming from a wide variety of both business and non-business related sectors get the opportunity to inspire the next generation with their stories. During this event a diverse group of speakers share their stories on topics they are passionate about in…