Merijn Everaarts

Founder & Owner of Dopper, Oceans and Mama Gaia

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Mister Merijn Everaarts, Founder of Dopper.
Mr. Dopper himself, the man behind the ocean-saving bottle, the entrepreneur. Not only does he have a unique story to tell, he also is a great speaker. About the conflict between how he was raised, always respecting nature and the beginning of his career in the event business that is surrounded by single-use plastics. That’s the birth of Dopper. How can you make a social enterprise successful? How can we change our day-to-day habits, like with Dopper changing how we can ditch package water and with his plant based restaurant Mama Gaia making vegan food the new norm.
He is not just a speaker, he is an instigator to inspire people to make systemic change(s).
After you have heard him speak, you are determined to do things differently.

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