Jeanine Tijhaar

CFO - Eneco

People are not rational human beings. It is ineffective to address such a big problem like climate in a rational manner. We need people who lead such a transition from within. We call this ‘carbon leadership’.

My name is Jeanine Tijhaar, I am the CFO of Eneco. Eneco is leading the energy transition, following our One Planet Plan to achieve climate-neutrality by 2035.

A few words about me: I am 51 years old and live together with my partner Bas in Loon op Zand (Brabant). My two children (Josephine en Matthijs) left home to study. I am a curious and sensitive person, someone who can handle complex topics and think fast. An independent thinker, passionate about our planet and people.

The concerns around the future of our planet made me decide to join Eneco in 2017. Since two years, I work as CFO of Eneco. Before joining the Management Board, I thought about the legacy I would like to leave behind:
1. Significant contribution to solving the climate problem
2. Creation of a future proof Finance organisation

3. Implementation of a ‘caring & daring’ leadershipstyle


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