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The Career events give the students the opportunity to get in touch with various companies and to explore the possibilities that are available for you to achieve your goals. Join our Orientation Talks, dine during the Company Dinner with recruiters and join the International Career Event!


Orientation Talks

You might know their name and logo, but do you actually know what these companies do?

Join the Orientation Talks to get in touch with thirteen companies and their recruiters in just one afternoon. After listening to a short presentation of each company, you can get in-depth with the recruiters of the company at the business fair located on campus.

Explore the possibilities these companies have to offer!

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Company Rounds

This year, a new orientation event has been added to the calendar of the STAR Management Week: The Company Rounds. Five fascinating companies are waiting for you at the Marriott Hotel to meet you.

During this event, you get the opportunity to meet and speak with five fascinating companies during multiple rounds. On the
Afterward the rounds their will be a drink, enabling you to connect with the recruiters of the companies in a more formal way.

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Meet the Companies that participate

Do you want to know what it is like to work for a certain company? Then join a Meet the Company event and explore various types of businesses.

Get to know a company in a more accessible way and ask all your questions to their recruiters. During the event, the company will give a presentation after which you will follow a workshop or make a company-specific case. In this way, you will get an idea of the company’s business and what it’s like to work for the company.

Meet the Company


Inhouse Day

Wondering what a company looks like from the inside? During this on-site activity, you will take a look behind the scenes. Through presentations, workshops, cases, tours, lunches, and social drinks, you will get to know the culture of a company in a unique way and possibly meet your future colleagues. Some companies organize this activity online, which is called an E-house Day.

Interactive Case Solving

Have you always wanted to take on a challenging case that a company is trying to solve at this very moment? This activity is a great chance to show a company your way of thinking. Thereby, you get the opportunity to learn about the companies’ day-to-day businesses. This activity will be hosted online by some companies.

Company Dinner

This activity is a perfect opportunity to get in contact with recruiters during a luxurious dinner. During the Company Dinner, you will get to know three companies operating in the same industry by changing tables after every course. You get to ask the companies all your questions and have the opportunity to start your career.

Informal Recruitment

Do you want to meet the employees of a company in a less formal setting? The Informal Recruitment activities provide the opportunity to interact with recruiters during a fun workshop. Combining work with pleasure takes off the edge of a sometimes thrilling experience. Examples of activities are:

– Wine tasting
– Laser tag
– High tea
– VR-experience
– Golf clinic
– Cocktail workshop

Individual Meetings

During the individual meetings, you will meet a recruiter of a company in a physical or digital 15-minute conversation. You get to elaborate on your skills and motivation and see if they fit with specific vacancies the company has to offer.


During the FMCG Run, a group of specially selected students will get to meet FrieslandCampina and Kraft Heinz. Next up, the students will solve a unique case for both firms. After each case there is the possibility to relax a little, during an appetizing lunch or network drink. This day offers you the possibility to get acquainted with not only the companies, but also their respective strategic and marketing challenges. So if this sparks your interest, do not hesitate and apply to meet these two inspiring companies at the FMCG Run!

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