Micky Adriaansens

Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy - Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

Never give up trying (to build a better world)

Micky Adriaansens (1964) was appointed as Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy on January 10th 2022. Before she was a minister, Adriaansens was chair of the board of directors of the organisational consultancy firm TwynstraGudde from 2016. Previously in her career, she was a lawyer, director of home care at a care company, director of the Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy and chair of the board of a care institution. She holds degrees in both Health Policy & Management and Dutch law at Erasmus University Rotterdam and completed the postgraduate course in Insolvency Law at Nijmegen University. From June 2019 to January 2022, Adriaansens was Member of the Senate for the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) and chair of the Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Health, Welfare and Sport.

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Oct 30

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  • 14:45 - 18:00
  • Club Haug, Rotterdam

The 37th edition of the STAR Management Week introduces a new speaker’s event. Speakers coming from a wide variety of both business and non-business related sectors get the opportunity to inspire the next generation with their stories. During this event a diverse group of speakers share their stories on topics they are passionate about in…