Petra Vos

CEO - Fatboy the Original

Be yourself, there are already so much others – Loetje

Petra Vos is CEO of Fatboy the Original since November 1st 2018. Petra has a long track record with various companies. She started out at Procter & Gamble,
where she held a number of sales positions. After that, Petra started working for the American sports brand Nike. As Country Manager for Nike the Netherlands, she managed to reverse a negative business trend and breathe fresh air into the organisation.

After a number of years of working for &Samhoud, a consultancy firm that solves strategic
challenges through the behavior of people, she held management positions at private
equity-owned companies. Petra has worked at Varova Fashion Holding and, in an ad interim
position, at MyLaps, after which she was asked to lead Fatboy the Original.

Ever since she has taken on this position, Petra has been able to further professionalize Fatboy. Together with Creative Director Pauline Barendregt, the range of indoor and outdoor products has been further expanded, and creativity within the company has been fostered in such a way that Fatboy is constantly developing and introducing new products to the market.
Petra and Pauline have strengthened Fatboy’s brand positioning through brand campaigns
and creative collaborations with designers and brands. Petra laid a solid foundation for Fatboy by strengthening the organization, reinforcing the omnichannel sales strategy, and automating back-office processes. This resulted in strong growth figures since 2020 and an exit in 2021 from Vendis Capital to the Alpha P.E. backed Calligaris Group.

Petra Vos studied Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam and is on the
advisory board of 10Days. After the acquisition of Fatboy by Calligaris Petra is also appointed to the Calligaris S.p.A. board.

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