Rob Tromp

Founder & Owner - Caru Containers

Be able to say NO (i.o.w. do not be afraid to make choices in which you believe)

I started in container/SHIPPING business in 1980.At that time a growing business which became more and more global over the last decennia and spend as a result of this lot’s of time traveling the world.

Starting CARU Containers in 2000 with a business partner with the goal to make the trading of maritime containers more professional. Starting with one office in Rotterdam and E 7m turnover, Caru now operates at 5 continents and had last year a turnover of E 300m and became the largest independent container trader in the world. Some of our assumptions:
Everything is import and should have quality
Make choices
People are one, so important to be in good ‘shape’ at work and at home
Look ahead and adjust what is expected in the future
Be ready to share and working together should also be fun



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