Peter van Wingerden

CEO - Floating Farm

Transfarming cities is the key to greener cities

Peter van Wingerden is the founder and partner of Floating Farm. After a career of 15 years with large corporate, industrial companies he started Floating Farm as his second (start-up) company to really green cities and the world. As the human world population and the urbanisation keep growing, we need to change cities radically. Healthy, sustainable, local foodproduction in a climate changing world is the focuspoint of Floating Farm. Intense droughts, heavy floodings are effecting the foodproduction industry massively. By using the water space inside and near cities, Floating Farm operates the first climate adaptive, scalable Farm in the world, on the water in the Port of Rotterdam which can be replicated all around the world to produce healthy food for citizens. No more foodwaste, no more transport pollution, and more awareness for a growing worldpopulation that lives in cities.