Mike van Woensel

Owner/President - Eurocept Homecare

Try not to become a (wo)man of success, rather become a (wo)man of value.

Mike van Woensel began his career in the pharmaceutical industry in a corporate environment. In this environment, he felt limited in meeting Dutch healthcare needs.
He saw the need for change and his mission became “simplify the doctor-patient relationship by providing drugs, medical devices and nursing needs”, all under one roof, creating a unique company!

In 2001, Mike started his own business with Eurocept. He has become one of the most successful healthcare entrepreneurs in the Netherlands with several healthcare companies, including Eurocept Pharmaceuticals and Eurocept Homecare.
Eurocept Homecare is a unique player in the BeNeLux and has a leading role in moving care from the hospital to the patient’s environment. The company offers integrated care at home with medication delivery, med-tech at home and high-level nursing care. The company has developed its own platform to enable easy transfer from the hospital to the patient’s home environment.

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