Max Klijnstra

Chief Sustainability & Growth Officer - Otrium

Globally, an estimated 92 million tonnes of textile waste is created each year and ends up in landfills. Otrium was founded to help reverse this trend. We envision a future where every piece of clothing produced is worn. As Otrium’s business grows, we will continue to help decrease the number of garments ending up in landfills. I want to keep personally driving this type of change forward for Otrium and for the industry.

Max Klijnstra brings a diverse academic background and a passion for sustainability to his role at Otrium.
Max’s close partnership with Otrium Co-founder Milan Daniels, has been instrumental in their joint success. In 2013, both launched a sweater brand in Amsterdam. After selling thousands of sweaters in over 20 countries, Max and his business partner Milan noticed the vast amount of items leftover from previous collections. In 2017 they founded Otrium as a purpose-driven fashion platform to help solve the enormous multi-billion dollar industry challenge of unsold inventory. Their collaborative efforts have garnered widespread recognition, including being listed on Forbes’ prestigious ’30 Under 30 Retail and Ecommerce’ list in 2019. In 2021 Deloitte recognized Otrium as the ‘Fastest Growing Company in the Netherlands’. Most recently, Otrium was honored to be featured on Fast Company’s esteemed list of the ’10 Most Innovative Companies in Fashion and Apparel’ for 2023.

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