Maria Westerbos

Founder & Chief Changemaker - Plastic Soup Foundation

Everyone can make a difference! I am the the living proof of that.

Maria Westerbos (1961, Ethiopia) is an expert in mass communications, specialised in both traditional as well as new media. Her greatest talent is the ability to strategize and bring projects for social change to life, with an almost unerring instinct for what different target groups need.<br />
Her biggest success was putting the Plastic Soup Foundation on the world map and transforming the attitudes of businesses, governments, consumers, and NGOs regarding microplastics in personal care products, the tremendous leakage of fibres to the environment by fast fashion and making micro/nano-plastics in relation to human health top of mind.

The Foundation was founded by Maria in February 2011.
The brand name reached 3.1billion people in 2022.

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