Herrik van der Gaag

Managing Director Volvo Car Netherlands

It is Your Time to find new solutions to new challenges.”

Herrik started in his current position on 1 July 2018. Before becoming Managing Director at Volvo Car Nederland he was working at “De Mandemakers Groep” in the role of General Manager “Woonexpress”. Herrik has a broad experience in the field of multichannel retail and consumer behaviour, both nationally and internationally. Also, Herrik brings with him a lot of experience at management level in competitive and changing distribution models, which fits well within the Volvo organization operating in the fast changing automotive industry.

Activities with Herrik van der Gaag

Oct 23

CEO for One Day: Herrik van der Gaag Volvo Car Netherlands

  • Volvo Cars Netherlands

*If you are unable to sign up for the event, please email your motivation to: smw@rsmstar.nl It is  your time to be different and stand out from the crowd! This event gives you the opportunity to experience a day as a leader in business. Conference calls, meetings, important decision making, speeches: You will get to…