Herrik van der Gaag

Managing Director - Volvo Car Nederland

I believe in performing daily while transforming for tomorrow.

Herrik van der Gaag has been Managing Director at Volvo Car Netherlands since July 2018. Since May 2021, in addition to his current position, he is also Managing Director of Volvo Car Germany.
Germany and the Netherlands are two important markets for Volvo Cars. Both have been identified, alongside Sweden, the UK and Norway, as the main drivers of Volvo’s commercial transformation.

A joint Managing Director in these two markets will ensure greater speed in implementing online sales solutions together with the Volvo retailers and leverage the competencies of the two organisations to drive and develop Volvo’s future business model.

Van der Gaag was previously with De Mandemakers Group in the role of Managing Director at Woonexpress, has broad (sales) experience in multichannel retail and consumer behaviour, both nationally and internationally. His executive-level experience in competitive and changing distribution models comes into its own within the Volvo organization.