Hans Snijder

CEO - Nederlandse Hartstichting

stay hungry, stay foolish

The Heart Foundation is the second largest charity organization in the Netherlands. The Netherlands already has 1.7 million people with a cardiovascular disease. If nothing is done, this number will grow to at least 2.6 million within eight years. That’s why we put the urgency of cardiovascular disease on the map: the Netherlands must become more ‘heart healthy’. Pioneering research and prevention with an eye for the differences between people is core business.
Since February 2022, Hans Snijder is CEO of the Dutch Heart Foundation. He came in from the Princess Máxima Center for children’s oncology, where he was managing director media & fundraising. Snijder has a journalistic background, worked for several Dutch public broadcasting companies and was editor-in-chief of regional newspaper. He held various board positions, including chairman of the supervisory board of AVROTROS. Snijder is also boardmember of the European Heart Network

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