Gijs Swinkels

CCO - Royal Swinkels Familiy Brewers

When you embrace the power to reïnvent yourself, adaptability becomes the key to unlocking your succes

Gijs Swinkels is Chief Commercial Officer of Swinkels Family Brewers N.V. and has been involved in the family brewery since 2002. After getting his Master degree at the Utrecht University, Gijs directly started his career in the family business. Het gained a lot of experience while working in several different departments of the company. Starting with the export department, followed by living in the USA to manage the American markets. After that he moved over to the Trappist brewery, getting to know a totally different niche market. In 2011 Gijs came back to the headquarters of Swinkels Family Brewers N.V. In this role he is responsible for all commercial activity in the division. Gijs’ wide scope of activities enables him and his team to adopt a flexible stance towards ever changing market conditions. Gijs is part of the 7th generation of the Swinkels family.

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