Geertje Zeegers

Country Director Netherlands - Too Good To Go

‘If you want to save the planet, you have to throw a better party than the people destroying it” (credit: Tristram Stuart)

Geertje Zeegers (born 1982) is a notable figure in the field of sustainable solutions. Since 2021, she has assumed a leadership role at Too Good To Go in the Netherlands—an innovative app addressing food waste by offering nearly expired products from supermarkets, bakeries, and retailers at a third of their price to consumers. With a staggering 80,000 meals wasted every second globally, Too Good To Go stands as a beacon of change, saving three meals a second globally. Geertje’s background as a data scientist and former partner at AI consultancy MIcompany brings valuable insights to her role. As the Director of Too Good To Go’s Dutch branch, Zeegers bears a substantial responsibility in guiding local operations, contributing significantly to the fight against food waste in the Netherlands.

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Activities with Geertje Zeegers

Oct 24

Opening Ceremony

  • 14:45 - 17:00
  • Erasmus Paviljoen

The 37th STAR Management Week will kick off with an outstanding opening ceremony on this year’s theme: Engage, Create, Inspire. Our host Kjell Lutz will introduce various, prominent speakers who will inspire you by sharing their stories on how they Engage with others, Create their future, and dare to Inspire. The Opening Ceremony will end…