Geertje Zeegers

Country Director Netherlands - Too Good To Go

‘If you want to save the planet, you have to throw a better party than the people destroying it” (credit: Tristram Stuart)

Geertje Zeegers (born 1982) is a notable figure in the field of sustainable solutions. Since 2021, she has assumed a leadership role at Too Good To Go in the Netherlands—an innovative app addressing food waste by offering nearly expired products from supermarkets, bakeries, and retailers at a third of their price to consumers. With a staggering 80,000 meals wasted every second globally, Too Good To Go stands as a beacon of change, saving three meals a second globally. Geertje’s background as a data scientist and former partner at AI consultancy MIcompany brings valuable insights to her role. As the Director of Too Good To Go’s Dutch branch, Zeegers bears a substantial responsibility in guiding local operations, contributing significantly to the fight against food waste in the Netherlands.

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