Set supply chain professionals

As a supply chain recruitment company, we help companies in finding and developing Supply Chain professionals. Our focus is on finding and developing (young) professionals towards becoming the future leaders capable of accelerating the transformation to sustainable supply chains.

About us

At Set we help people to grow and develop themselves by providing the necessary personal guidance, trainings and sharing our extensive knowledge during their time at Set. In this way we contribute towards the success of the client, but more importantly the success of developing future (sustainable) supply chain leaders.

Our main focus is on recruitment, interim- management and talent development within supply chain management. Specifically for young talent, we offer a 3 year ‘young profession program’ in which we help you develop and learn the necessary skills to navigate all different areas within supply chain management. Besides the challenging assignments, we provide intense guidance and training session to not only get to know yourself better, but also to better understand and utilise your own personal skills in order to collaborate with others in a healthy and sustainable matter. During the selection process of finding a new of young talent, we try to look for those which are keen to multiply their knowledge and are ready to take on a self-leadership role, as you will be entering different companies with different supply chain challenges.

What are your sustainable initiatives?

At Set we are in the process of defining which actions we want to take in order to move towards a more sustainable business. This year, we have been focusing on changing our company policies and processes in order to become a B-Corp certified company.

Furthermore, we have selected six areas from the “sustainable development goals (SDG’s)” we would like to focus on in the upcoming years. These are: good health and wellbeing, quality education, gender equality, industry innovation & infrastructure, reduce inequality and partnership for the goals. We have translated these goals to concrete actions, which have a direct effect on our young professionals. Examples of these actions include; possibility of doing charity work during working hours, performing sustainability assessment for our clients, optional yearly health test, unlimited mental health support by professionals and many more.

Even though we relatively are a small company, we firmly believe we and our clients need to change their behaviour in order to move towards more sustainable supply chains. Therefore, we want to provide the skills and tools for our young leaders to be capable to initiate the transformation to sustainable supply chains.

  • Head office Eindhoven
  • No of employees 20
  • Field Recruitment and talent development
  • Certified B-Corp? No

What are we looking for?


  • Master
  • Premaster


  • Business Analytics & Management
  • Supply Chain Management