The responsibility for over 250 billion euro and the pension of more than 4.4 million people. Do you want to know what that is like?

About us

PGGM is one of the largest asset managers and pension fund service providers in the world. We provide services in the field of integral asset management, pension management, communications, and executive advice to a range of pension funds, affiliated employers and their employees.

Currently, we manage pension assets worth in excess of €250 billion for a range of clients and their 4,4 million participants. Pretty interesting to come and have a look, right?

The desire that we share with our clients is for their participants to enjoy a good pension in a sustainable, liveable world. A pension is more than just money. This is why we want to achieve good returns with our investments and at the same time have an impact on creating a sustainable world.

PGGM is not merely a pension fund service provider; we really stand for something. As true professionals in the pension sector, with deep roots in the healthcare sector, and as a cooperative financial institution with no profit motive, we look towards the future with an open and broad vision.

What are your sustainable initiatives?

1. Impact on the retirement plans of 4.4 million people.
Together, we administer the pensions of 4.4. million Dutch residents, many of whom work in the health and welfare sector. As such, we are also responsible for winning the trust in one of the biggest and most important sectors for the welfare of the Netherlands.

2. Impact on the future of the pension system
Due to our size and professional expertise, we play an important role in futureproofing the changing Dutch pension system. This will need to become more flexible and respond better to people’s individual lives. 

3. Impact on the future of healthcare
With our wealth of knowledge and data about the participants who accrue their pension through us, we can help the health and welfare sector renew itself and enable the people who work there do so with enjoyment and continued vitality.

4. Impact on what may grow
With an invested capital of 252 billion euros, we influence what may grow and what may not. We believe that money is a driving force, with which we can push the environment and society in the right direction.

  • Head office Zeist
  • Number of employees 1.500
  • Field Asset & Pension management and advisory
  • Certified B-corp? No

What are we looking for?


  • Bachelor year 3
  • Master


  • Finance & Investments