Interfood Group

The Interfood Group is a privately-owned company and a leading global dairy supplier, facilitating the distribution of over 1.000.000 MT of dairy products per annum.

About us

The Interfood Group is a privately-owned company and a leading global dairy supplier, facilitating the distribution of over 1.000.000 MT of dairy products per annum. Our product range consists of products such as full cream milk powder, skimmed milk powder, buttermilk powder, whey powder, butter, butter oil / AMF, cheddar, gouda, edam, emmental, mozzarella, casein, caseinates, MPC, WPC, infant milk powders, liquid milk products and concentrates, condensed and evaporated milk, and tailor-made dairy specialties. The Group consists of 14 offices spread over all continents, has over 350 employees and an annual turnover of €2.0 billion.

Interfood’s accounts are multinationals in the food industry, dairy producers and processors, government institutions and importers / distributors all over the globe.

Interfood’s success is founded in its pro-active and service-oriented market approach, its strive for excellence, its global presence, and its extensive market and product knowledge. Positioned between dairy customers and suppliers, we enjoy an exclusive vantage point. Generating unique perspectives that inspire to see the extraordinary.

Together with colleagues and partners, we have grown our business over 50 years. From a team of four to the global enterprise we are today, encouraging a culture of teamwork, passion and dedication. Thriving on close collaboration and long-term ties with our business partners, we hone our skills and focus on strategic alignment. Striving for better, every single day.

Whether for customers or suppliers, our goal has always been clear; to deliver better products, better services and informed insights about the industry. But our goals go further – beyond our core offerings and business aspiration; we are committed to contribute to a sustainable planet, where we can all enjoy food responsibly, now and in the future.

Our employees take pride in giving the best service possible, whilst having a passion and affinity to work in the dairy industry. We take care of our employees with different programs which include a high-level international trainee program for young graduates, more commonly known as the Interfood Academy. We offer a place to work, to grow, to learn and to have fun together. We value the personal edge our employees add to our business and we want them to thrive, as together we create the future of global dairy. Interfood, originally a family-based company, proves that global professionalism can still be combined with a unique personal company culture, in which we focus on following values: Teamwork, Commitment, Continuous Improvement, Professionalism & Responsible Leadership. All contributing to our purpose: Together for better.

As a Commodity (Dairy) Trading company, our main goal is to generate income by executing purchase and sales strategies and controlling the risk of our exposure. We identify and monitor market and product developments, strengthened by our data and market intelligence, to create business opportunities in the global dairy industry. Big responsibilities, closing deals, international traveling, well-considered risk taking and working in a highly dynamic environment are common aspects of a global commodity trading company.

What are your sustainable initiatives?

Interfood is committed to sustainability. After all, everything we do comes from nature – so it makes sense to protect her and contribute to a better world for everyone, while serving the food and dairy industry.

Interfood as a responsible value chain partner
We’re delivering tangible projects with our customers and suppliers, offering sustainability-driven solutions that provide value for stakeholders while reducing our industry’s environmental impact. We also partner with responsible stakeholders to continuously improve traceability and the sustainability standards of the food supply chain.

Interfood as a responsible employer
Our values drive our approach to sustainability: Teamwork, Commitment, Continuous Improvement, Professionalism and Responsible Leadership. Part of this journey is also to improve on business continuity across all dimensions including the environment, social responsibilities and corporate governance. Finally, we plan to invest in initiatives that contribute to the future-proofness of the food sector and deliver positive impacts for our stakeholders and society at large.

  • Head office Eindhoven
  • Number of employees >350
  • Field Commodity (Dairy) Trading
  • Certified B-corp? No

What are we looking for?


  • Master


  • Business Analytics & Management
  • Finance & Investments
  • International Management / CEMS
  • Marketing Management
  • Master in Management