If you don’t know the industry, you may not have heard of Hilti. You will most likely have had to deal with us unconsciously, at home, at school or at work and perhaps also in the building where you are currently viewing this website. Hilti is an (international) partner in the construction sector in the field of technologically leading products, software and services. With over 33,000 colleagues in more than 120 countries, Hilti is a globally successful family business. Hilti Netherlands characterizes itself as a young, innovative and enterprising company within this large multinational. 

What makes Hilti such a unique place to work is our high-performing and caring culture. It’s based on a combination of personal performance, teamwork and support. We’re challenging but nurturing, daring but trusting.

At Hilti, we define our culture as caring and performance oriented. We’re passionate about creating enthusiastic customers and building a better future, but we are committed to doing so with our team members’ best interests in mind – providing a family-oriented, open and collaborate environment where all can succeed.

This balance between caring and performance was initiated by our founder, Martin Hilti, whose family trust still owns Hilti Group today. It is also strengthened by our four core values: teamwork, integrity, courage and commitment.

We act with integrity in all we do.

We have the courage to step outside the circle of habits.

We outperform through teamwork.

We have the commitment to personal and professional growth

In addition to these values, we respect the unique perspectives and experiences of each team member in a working culture that inspires. Do your values align with ours? Join us in taking steps in one of the fastest growing markets?