B&S is active in the consumer goods industry with a strong global network. We bring parties in the value chain all over the world together that are difficult to connect.

About us

B&S exists to make premium consumer goods available to everyone, anywhere. By partnering up with the world’s premium consumer brands in beauty, liquors, personal care, food, health and consumer electronics we can serve millions of consumers daily – either directly or through our wholesaler and reseller partners. These activities are enabled and driven by the newest technologies. The most recent digital innovation is the B2B B&S e-commerce platform King of Reach. Digital innovation is one of the strategic goals of the company. We believe that getting access to consumer products that bring joy and comfort into everyday lives, should be easy around the globe. With our ever-growing international network and physical local presence, we bring suppliers, logistics partners, wholesalers, retailers and consumers all over the world together. The solutions we offer are; warehousing, distribution, sourcing, from e-fulfillment to marketing and brand development. B&S has been publicly listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 2018 and the recorded turnover of 2021 is 1,9 billion euros. We are active in more than 100 countries and have more than 2,000 employees spread across four continents.


REACH: Reliable, Eager, Agile, Curious, and Human are our brand’s five essential values. These are the values that permeate our company and attitude. Fundamental to our success, we cultivate them to perfection, every single day.Are you ready to chart new territories?
For people with a go-for-it mentality in different areas and a willingness to reach out of their depth. For those who are comfortable doing things they never did before, opportunity at B&S awaits around every corner. Discover your reach with us.

Where do you want to expand your reach?

We put out people at the heart of everything we do. We continuously encourage our employees to learn, develop and grow to reach their full potential.
Working with us, you are sure to grow – but you won’t follow a traditional, fixed career path. You’ll have the freedom to explore what you love and do best, whatever that is now and however that might change over time. You can forge your own path, determine your own goals, set your own action plan, and make B&S work best for you.
B&S as employer

We are proud to see B&S featured in the latest edition of the #MT500 by MT/Sprout, which lists the 500 most reputable companies in the Netherlands.<br />
We rank #7 most attractive employer and #12 most sustainable company. At B&S, you’ll be:

  • Working with the newest technologies, insights and techniques, ensuring you stay up to speed with the latest developments in your field of expertise
  • Working from home, or hybrid working if compatible with the job and the job related tasks
  • In line for a lease car depending on your role
  • Offered free use of our company gym in our Delfzijl and Dordrecht locations

What’s in it for you?
Whatever you want! Our doors and minds are always open for new ideas and input. There are opportunities galore for you to reach for the stars, but whether you grab them is entirely up to you.
Check our website or contact Danine Stout via: dstout@bs-gg.com

What are your sustainable initiatives?

At B&S, we not only feel that sustainable decision-making is the right way to do business, it’s also vital to safeguarding a healthy future for the next generation. As a global company, we have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. To this end, we set ambitious goals for minimising our environmental impact and maximising the well-being of our employees and the communities we operate in. All whilst realising our vision of making premium consumer goods available to everyone, anywhere. To tackle today’s biggest challenges our Sustainability strategy 2030 is centred around three business priorities:

  • Sustainable value chain (Enjoying our products today whilst safeguarding tomorrow’s planet)
  • Empowered people (Being a valued employer for personal growth)
  • Commercial excellence (Being a trusted business partner)

We have set commitments, targets and developed a plan for how to get there. More information: https://www.bs-group-sa.com/about-us/sustainability/

  • Head office Dordrecht
  • No of employees 2200
  • Field FMCG
  • Certified B-Corp? No

What are we looking for?


  • Premaster
  • Master


  • Accounting & Financial Management
  • Business Analytics & Management
  • Finance & Investments
  • International Management / CEMS
  • Management of Innovation
  • Marketing Management
  • Master in Management
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Management
  • Supply Chain Management