Berenschot Group B.V.

Berenschot is an independent consulting firm with more than 400 employees. With well-founded advice and smart solutions, we contribute to a progressive society. We have been doing this for more than eighty years. Everything we do is researched, substantiated and viewed from multiple perspectives.

Who are we?

As an independent consulting firm with a rich history of more than eight decades, Berenschot holds a central position within society. Our involvement takes various forms, each contributing to a meaningful social impact. One of the most important ways we achieve this is through our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which is reflected in the efforts we make for a variety of important social causes.

Deeply rooted in our organizational ethos is the intrinsic drive to effect meaningful change. This drive is evident in every aspect of our operations as we continually ask ourselves how our actions translate into broader societal outcomes. This ethos fuels our passion to go beyond conventional consulting work and embody our commitment to a progressive society.

Berenschot’s strength is reflected not only in the words we speak, but in the actions we take. This commitment permeates every layer of our company and drives us to make tangible differences through our work. Our CSR policy acts as our compass that guides and directs us toward activities that align with our values and priorities.

Our focus on Corporate Social Responsibility is reflected in three core pillars: climate, inclusion and health. These pillars reflect our commitment to addressing pressing issues that affect not only our customers, but society as a whole. By addressing climate issues, promoting inclusiveness and prioritizing health, we strive to contribute to a more sustainable, equitable and healthy world.

In essence, Berenschot’s role as a catalyst for positive change extends beyond the boundaries of conventional consulting work. We strive to be architects of progress, using our expertise, values and actions to build a better future for all.

At Berenschot, we regularly undertake assignments that have great social impact. For us, profit and society are not opposites. Indeed, they are inseparable. A sustainable long-term approach ultimately yields the greatest returns. Therefore, for decades we have been dedicated to creating inventive solutions that cleverly link economy and quality of life.


What are your sustainable initiatives?

At Berenschot, we recognize the importance of addressing our carbon footprint. Our commitment goes beyond merely offsetting our carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits that are invested in renewable energy projects. While this is an important step, we believe it is not enough. Therefore, we are actively seeking ways to actually reduce our CO2 emissions by focusing on mobility, infrastructure and resource use.

We actively encourage environmentally friendly forms of transportation by promoting the use of public transportation, cycling and working from home. In addition, we support the adoption of electric vehicles by offering charging stations at our parking facilities, contributing to the growth of electric mobility.

We recently moved to a sustainable office building with an A++ rating, highlighting our commitment to reducing our environmental impact. Our office space is furnished with a mix of conventional and circular furniture, reflecting our commitment to minimize our environmental footprint.Use of Resources
To address resource use, we encourage our team members to reduce paper consumption and participate in waste separation practices. We are currently exploring sustainable resource procurement practices so that our choices align with our commitment to a greener future.

Collaboration with Knowledge and Network Partners
We actively collaborate with knowledge and network partners, such as CSR Netherlands, to expand the scope of our impact. By participating in these initiatives, we not only make a difference as a company, but also actively contribute to promoting a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Our holistic approach demonstrates our belief that real change is achieved through a comprehensive strategy. By integrating sustainability into every aspect of our operations – from transportation choices to office infrastructure to resource management – we foster a culture of responsibility and innovation. Through these efforts, we not only meet industry standards; we set the standard for responsible business practices that align with our commitment to a greener, more sustainable world.

  • Head office Utrecht
  • Number of employees 400
  • Field Consultancy
  • Certified B-Corp? No

What are we looking for?


  • Bachelor year 3
  • Master
  • Premaster


  • Accounting & Financial Management
  • Business Analytics & Management
  • Business Information Management
  • Finance & Investments
  • Global Business & Sustainability
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Management / CEMS
  • Management of Innovation
  • Master in Management
  • Medical Business & Innovation
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Management
  • Supply Chain Management