What is the Penalty Policy?

Why do we have a penalty policy?

It can happen that you unexpectedly have to cancel one of your activities. We want to ensure that you cancel in time, so we can give your spot to another student. If you unsubscribe before the deadline, you will not receive a fine and another student will fill your spot, a win-win situation for everyone.

How does it work?

You can unsubscribe from activities on the website until two business days in advance, before 17:00. For example, if you cannot attend an activity on Tuesday, you have to unsubscribe the forgoing Friday before 17:00. If you unsubscribe later than 17:00 two working days in advance, you will be fined €15.00.

If you do not show up for an activity that you were selected for without cancellation, you will be fined €25.00. This fine is for CV activities. For trainings and  Company Rounds you will receive a fine of €7.50 if you  unsubscribe later than 17:00 two working days in advance and a fine of €15.00 if you do not show up.

You are able to unsubscribe through your account at starmanagementweek.nl. Upon your cancellation, you will receive a confirmation email. If no confirmation is received, please send an email to smw@rsmstar.nl.

Where does it go?

This year we partnered with Maas Cleanup and the proceedings of the penalty policy will go to the Maas Cleanup. The Maas Cleanup is a network of entrepreneurs that bring together volunteers and companies. The Maas Cleanup will use this money to organize more cleanup days.