Sytse van Heijst

Head of Benelux at Gazprom Energy

It is your time to stand-up and shine”.

Having worked for more than 20 years in the energy supply business, Sytse has started his energy career as a Management Trainee with the predecessor of Eneco, in those days, GEB Rotterdam. Sytse has studied Business Economics in The Hague. After working for 8 years in Rotterdam, Sytse has joined the ‘famous’ American energy company Enron in London to help starting up its North West European origination business. As part of this job Sytse has worked and lived for almost 1 year in Oslo, Norway, working as Manager of Enron’s Nordic structuring desk.

After a 6 months sabbatical, Sytse joined Nuon and later on Essent Trading to become VP of Essents origination desk in the Benelux. In 2011 Sytse was asked by Gazprom Energy to start up the B2B energy supply business for Gazprom in The Netherlands. Over the last 6,5 years Gazprom Energy has become an established energy supplier in Holland and Sytse runs the operations with a crew of 38 people. The supply business is very much IT driven and aims to find the right balance between efficiency and optimal customer service.