Stephanie Moles-Rota

Global People Senior Director - O9

“Great Vision without Great People is irrelevant, we need to make talents matter and the rest will follow.” 

Global HR & Talent Leader with experience in both start-ups & Fortune 500 companies.
Strategic People Leader with drive and passion helping businesses grow and transform internationally.
Stephanie joined o9 Solutions in Jan 2020, at the time the company only counted 450 people worldwide. we have now passed the 2100 employees worldwide and we expand across the globe. Our solution is helping make a difference in the world, it is an AI Software platform helping companies with their supply chain challenges.

o9 Solutions “Helping transforming planning to improve the P&L and the planet is a sacred mission and I am excited by it, and hope you are too” Chakri Gottemukkala, Co-Founder and CEO of o9
“Organizations with superior decision-making processes are better stewards of the Earth’s
precious resources, and are more inspiring, happier, places for employees. Making it happen
is our mission” Sanjiv Sidhu, Co-Founder and Chairman of o9 Solutions


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