Sjoerd Rietberg

Active Investor & former Co-CEO - Flow Traders

Hope is a four-letter word, so you better be prepared.

Former Co-CEO of exchange-listed company Flow Traders Sjoerd Rietberg has always been attracted by the impact of technology on the world we live in. As of 2005 his affinity with technology has been combined with a passion for trading in various operational and managerial roles at Flow Traders. Early 2019 Sjoerd stepped down as Management Board member of this company and he is eversince investing in several early-stage funds and directly involved in start-ups that have global ambitions based on effective usage of (new) technological concepts. One of the companies he invests in is the The Hague-based asset manager Agga Capital, which focuses on providing diversified and cost-effective digital asset investment solutions. Sjoerd is 42 years old and has a Master’s degree in Finance of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam

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