Ruud Koornstra

First National Energy Commissioner of the Netherlands

 ‘I dare you to rethink all’

Ruud Koornstra started out as a tv producer. However, for the last 15 years, he has been active with his company Tendris, initiating multiple disruptive and sustainable innovations and companies. Numerous companies were created from conceptual and technological start ups. Some examples include Oxxio, the first and fastest growing company with 100% green energy, Lemnis Lighting, the inventors of the current LED-lighting, and The New Motion, Europe’s leading company in electrical transport. Ruud is convinced that we are in the position to create a paradise on earth within 12 years, as long as we keep our promise to stick to the Sustainable Development Goals created by the UN. Based on this mission, he is active in the field of business, media, education and the government. In 2017, Ruud decided to integrate his personal activities to support his mission in Delta-9, a non-profit organization that focuses on disruptive operations. Ruud is married and has five children.