Peter Haug

Marketing Director BMW Group Nederland

For an economically strong Europe, knowledge and innovation are preconditions.”

In 1996, after a semester in the US, Peter started an internship at AT&T Consumer Services in Frankfurt and continued to work there. In 1997, when the Dutch telecom market was liberalized, he worked at Telfort. At the end of 2000, as an independent contractor together with a team, he wrote a plan for the broadcasting association Veronica to become a mobile provider. In 2001 he started to work at ‘Ben’, which became T-Mobile, where he was responsible for Product Management and Business Marketing, becoming Director of Consumer Marketing when Orange Netherlands was acquired. After working as a consultant for Sanoma Digital in 2011, Peter became Marketing Director at BMW Group Nederland. He is responsible for Brand, Product & Pricing, CRM, Market Intelligence, Online and Customer Services.