Misja Vroom

CEO Domino’s Pizza Netherlands

“Do not delay what you can do today”

Misja found in himself more a entrepreneur than a student. So he started as a manager at Domino’s early 1994 in Tilburg, The Netherlands. He quickly understood the power of the dominos system. At that time there were 4 stores in the country and opportunities came along to work his way up. He became area supervisor in 1995 and in 1996 he became general manager for the country. He worked together with the master franchisee to build the country to 45 stores. In 2000 Misja became a franchisee for 2 stores in Eindhoven, and along the way purchased and built 3 more. In 2006 Misja found a franchising partner and together they built a network of 14 stores. Misja became franchise development director for the Netherlands in 2012 and in 2014 he was managing franchise development in both Belgium and The Netherlands. As CEO of Domino’s Belgium from 2014 until 2018, Misja combined his 23 years of Domino’s experience and entrepreneurial skills, to growing the Belgium market from 21 stores in 2014 to 60 by the end of 2017. Currently Misja is CEO for Domino’s Netherlands and after 27 years he is still passionate and enthusiastic to continuing the grow of Domino’s in the Netherlands. Misja has settled in Belgium with his wife and 4 boys.