Michiel van Vlimmeren

Senior Vice President & General Manager in the Netherlands - Salesforce

From my own experience, my best advice to young professionals is to let go of the feeling of having to prove yourself. It is really not necessary. Be yourself, take the time to get to know an organization and the people you work with. Not just what they do, but who they are and get to know the relationship dynamics. The time you put into the authenticity of your network is ultimately going to help you to the role that suits you best

Michiel van Vlimmeren is Senior Vice President and General Manager of Salesforce in the Netherlands since November 2019. In this role, Michiel is responsible for providing strategic leadership, managing growth for the company in the Netherlands and for translation and local execution of the global strategy.  Michiel has over 20 years of experience in various management roles in technology. Michiel van Vlimmeren holds a master’s degree in Business Administration at Radboud University. In addition to his role at Salesforce, he is also a member of the general board of NLdigital where he is responsible for the Education and Labor Market portfolio.


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