Martijn van Lieshout

Commercial & Marketing Director B2B - VodafoneZiggo

The future is whatever we make it

Martijn, who is commercial & marketing director B2B at VodafoneZiggo, joined Vodafone Nederland in january 2006. He discovered and developed his love for customer centricity and digital strategies during his 4 years as an entrepreneur. He joined Microsoft in 2003 where he discovered his affinity with B2B. When Vodafone asked him to join the company and help set up new channels and partnerships with IT companies to develop Vodafone beyond just telecom propositions and into helping customers and companies to become more flexible, the choice was easy. Since starting at Vodafone, Martijn had several commercial roles within B2B, ranging from sales and business development to developing company strategy and co=creating the plans around the joined venture between Vodafone and Ziggo in 2016. As Commercial & Marketing Director for B2B, Martijn plays an important role in transforming the company from pushing technology to a company that helps entrepreneurs to stay competitive by adopting the latest digital technologies, provided by VodafoneZiggo. The red line in all these steps: Martijn loves to be at the center of the action and gets energy from driving transformation, customer centricity and shaping the future.

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