Lotte de Bruijn

Managing Director NLdigital 

“Spend time figuring out what makes you happy, challenges you, gives you energy and go for it! You will make mistakes, that’s ok. Learn, grow and go on”

Lotte de Bruijn is managing director at NLdigital, the collective of over 650 digital companies in the Netherlands. Her ambition is to bridge the gap between digital opportunities and societal challenges. She believes digital technology is key to a sustainable growth of welfare and well-being in The Netherlands.  One of her key goals is to improve equal opportunities for everyone in the digital economy. In 2018 she was elected the most influential woman in tech by Opzij magazine. Lotte is ambassador for the Human Capital Agenda ICT and board member of TechMeUp. She is founder and former chairperson of NextGen, the network for young professionals within NLdigital. She started her career at digital companies as Dell and IBM.