Joris Aperghis

CEO WE Fashion

”I dare you to always be creative” 

Today’s solutions do not fix tomorrow’s problems. You have to always understand facts and context and use multiple angles to come up with new ideas. It takes courage and positive energy, but when you nail it, you feel it.

Joris started out working for large brand such as Coca-Cola and MTV. In 2009, he made the switch to retail and fashion. He was CMO of, among others, G-Star and participated in LaDress. In 2014, Joris joined the Dutch fashion Brand WE Fashion as CMO and one year later he was announced CEO.

WE Fashion is an international fashion brand with Dutch roots. The brand consists of clothing for men, women, and children. It is sold online and in almost 200 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

“I am a man of brands and like to get people moving forward. Fashion is an amazing product to work with; it has an enormous expressive value and people literally wear it on their bodies. This makes it both very a personal and emotional way of expressing.”