Jan-Derek Groenendaal

Managing Director GrandVision Benelux B.V.

It is Your Time to focus on where the true value is.”

Jan-Derek Groenendaal joined GrandVision Benelux as Managing Director in March 2019. With more than 800 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, GrandVision Benelux is the market leader in optics with the banners Pearle, Eye Wish, GrandOptical and Zonnebrillen.com. Grandvision Benelux is part of Grandvision (AEX: GVNV) a global opticians retailer present in 42 countries. Previously he was General Manager of Etos (part of AholdDelhaize) and MD of ICI PARIS XL (part of ASWatson). He has been in retailing his entire career and loves the constantly changing dynamics in this industry.