Chantal Vergouw

CEO Interpolis

“I’m a firm believer of doing well by doing good. First and foremost as a person and as a consequence, as a CEO.”

Chantal Vergouw (44), CEO of Interpolis, is a modern leader with a crystal-clear vision on the future of banking and insurance. She is also strongly passionate about tackling societal problems. Combined with her extensive experience in the banking and insurance sector, this means that Vergouw has incisive insights to share on a variety of societal and financial issues. In 2009 she was awarded the national title ‘Manager of the Year’. Now she is CEO of Interpolis and supervisory board member at Eureko Sigorta, a Turkish insurer with a leading position in banking distribution. Throughout her career Vergouw has proven her talent for building bridges between various partners in and outside organisations. 

Outside work, she is involved in a variety of non-profit civil society organisations. For example, Vergouw is an advocate of NL20205, a platform in which directors/leaders are united and committed, on a personal basis, to a better future for the Netherlands. Also, for 11 years she has been a director and co-founder of Stichting Spots, a foundation that promotes the welfare of endangered feline species in the wild. She also works to help people who have experienced psychiatric problems, homelessness and/or debts in the municipality of Utrecht. In addition, as a big supporter of the cultural sector, Vergouw is a director of KoBra, the Brabant art and business foundation.