Boudewijn Beusmans

co-CEO EndemolShine Netherlands

“I dare you to take steps that bring you beyond your comfort zone.”

Beusmans is co-CEO of EndemolShine Netherlands – a Dutch video content production company – together with co-CEO Iris Boelhouwer. Boudewijn’s ambition is to achieve strategic growth in a rapidly changing media industry and encourage talent to get the best out of themselves by creating an open culture in which everybody can grow. In addition, Boudewijn is also Chairman of Nothern Europe including EndemolShine’s organisation Germany, Scandinavia and Belgium. EndemolShine Netherlands is part of EndemolShine Group – the world’s largest independent production company. It includes more than 120 production companies in 23 countries and offers an unrivaled creative and production network, in which all creative ideas, production expertise.