Anna Schoemakers

Executive Director Greenpeace Netherlands

“No time to waste”

Anna Schoemakers is one of the two Executive Directors of Greenpeace Netherlands. She now shares her position at the helm of the Dutch office of the global environmental organization with Andy Palmen. Anna kickstarted her role as co-director in 2016 literally hanging between two windmills to block a ship transporting coal to the biggest coal power plant in the Netherlands. Ten months later the Dutch government announced a coal phase-out by 2030. 

Before joining Greenpeace, she was director at Klimaatverbond and co-initiator of BabyBeGood. Anna holds a masters degree in Political science. She has  a Finish – Dutch background, so when she’s not dedicated to Greenpeace you’ll find her taking care of her tiny forest in the eastern part of The Netherlands or running around in Amsterdam, where she lives with her 3 wonderful kids and husband.