Penalty policy

Do you want to sign off for an event? Make sure you cancel on time because during the STAR Management Week we use a penalty policy.

The penalty policy applies to all events during the STAR Management Week 2019 with exception of: Opening Ceremony, Sustainability Talks, International Academic Event, Orientation Talks, Honorary Discussions, Wine Tasting, Comedy Show, and Closing Party.

Why do we have a fine policy?

We want to make sure that students cancel on time, so we can give other students that are on the stand-by list have a change to fill up the free spot. If you unsubscribe on time you will not be fined and another student will be happy with your spot: a win-win situation.

How does it work?

You can unsubscribe at least two working days before your activity takes place. Beware: only cancellations that were done before 5 pm are accepted. For a more detailed overview, please see the table below. You will be able to unsubscribe at Upon signing-out you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation, please send an email to or send a message on WhatsApp to +31683282718.

  •  If you unsubscribe later than 5 pm, two (2) working days before the activity, a fine of €15.00 will be charged.
  • If you do not unsubscribe at all for an activity at the STAR Management Week and do not show up, a fine of €25.00 will be charged.

The maximum amount that you can be fined will be €75.00. The fine will be donated to a good cause.

When you are not able to sign off because an event occurred beyond your control, you need to contact the STAR Management Week Committee within two (2) weeks after the fine is given. The STAR Management Week will look into the case and take a final decision about the fine.

Day of the activity Latest moment to unsubscribe
Thursday October 24th Tuesday October 22nd 16:59
Friday October 25th Wednesday October 23rd 16:59
Monday October 28th Thursday October 24th 16:59
Tuesday October 29th Friday October 25th 16:59
Wednesday October 30th Monday October 28th 16:59
Thursday October 31st Tuesday October 29th 16:59
Friday November 1st Wednesday October 30th 16:59
Monday November 4th Thursday October 31st 16:59
Tuesday November 5th Friday November 1st 16:59
Wednesday November 6th Monday November 4th 16:59
Thursday November 7th Tuesday November 5th 16:59
Friday November 8th Wednesday November 6th 16:59


Did not receive a confirmation? Send us an email to make sure we receive your sign off on time.

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Got any more questions? Get in touch with us through WhatsApp

Send a message to 06-83282718