Turing students

“Discovering the world of tech together”

We are Turing Students Rotterdam. A technology association for students, by students. Our main focus is to demonstrate that technology is accessible for all. No matter what your technological background is, we’ve got something for you. During the year we give courses, host networking events, career fairs and social drinks. 

As an association, we strive to make the world of tech as tangible as possible for students at all levels of knowledge. Software and programming might seem daunting at first, but once you dive in, you’ll find that anyone can understand it. Technology is becoming more and more important in our constantly developing world. At Turing Students Rotterdam we offer introductory courses in order to make programming accessible for all. Additionally, for the more experienced students, we offer advanced courses giving extra depth to the exciting world of technology. 

During all events and courses at Turing Students Rotterdam, we connect with each other through our common interest: technology that creates our world of today and the future. As fellow students, we welcome all new members with excitement as we try to expand the TSR community everywhere in the Netherlands. It is as a community that we represent our association and university to future employers and the rest of the world. Because of this, Turing Students Rotterdam is not only a great place for education but also a place to bond with other students and make connections that will last a lifetime.

We aim to provide sensational projects and content for students here in Rotterdam. To do so, we collaborate with inspiring people and companies. We set up exciting events for our members and all other students to learn about tech. Partly in collaboration with other study associations, like STAR.

This year, we are joining Star Management Week 2021 and offering you the chance to take your first or additional step into the world of technology. We will host a tech-related workshop based on the upcoming track for Analytical Decision Makers. We will show you how technology influences decision making and how you can back up your choices by data and modelling. 

Are you interested in playing with data, programming and making informed decisions? Join our workshop and discover your talents!

Or visit our website: https://www.tstudents.nl/