With over 2,800 employees in the Netherlands, we are the largest travel organisation of the Netherlands. Every year, approximately 1.7 million people book their holiday with us. TUI Netherlands offers holidays via the brands TUI and Kras. We are part of one of the largest travel concerns in the world, TUI Group.

Holidays for everyone
With our brands TUI and Kras we offer holidays suitable for all travellers and all budgets. A holiday with TUI can be booked online, at one of the 130 TUI travel agencies or via the Customer Services Center. TUI offers a wide range of affordable holidays in the sun on the Mediterranean and further away, as well as city trips, winter sports holidays, tours, cruises and car holidays. Kras is a direct seller focusing on over 50+ travellers and specialised in bus, cycling and boat holidays and group tours. Both TUI and Kras are affiliated with ANVR, SGR, SGC and Calamiteitenfonds.
In addition to these two brands, TUI Netherlands has its own airline, TUI fly. TUI fly is part of the international fleet of TUI Group, with airlines in Great Britain, Germany, the Scandinavian countries and Belgium.

TUI Benelux
With TUI Belgium, TUI Netherlands constitutes the TUI Benelux cluster. The organisations of both countries serve their own internal market, but collaborate closely in many areas, thus benefiting from the joint scale.