Student Consultant

Student Consultant is a start-up consultancy firm fully operated by ambitious students. We work in diverse and multidisciplinair teams, and are guided by experienced consultants to deliver high quality on our projects.

About us

Student Consultant is a company completely run by ambitious students spread across several Dutch Universities. These students are working on large projects for multiple companies in the Netherlands, such as Nationale Nederlanden, and the Efteling, with these projects ranging from business related topics to more data-oriented topics. To ensure that these students have all the tools to succeed in the business world of today, Student-Consultant provides training sessions and counseling from renowned consultancy firms around the Netherlands. The company provides multiple consultancy services for companies. One being regular consultancy projects, in which students create a plan for consultancy and deliver a result to the customer. The other service the company provides is that of consultancy as a service in which the students function as employees and they provide assistance on projects from other firms.

Student Consultant offers students the chance to develop their business skills while working on interesting projects in the real world. It does so in conjunction with counseling from other consultancy firms and provides training in topics ranging from business to data topics, from other companies in the Netherlands. During the time at the company there is room to grow within the company itself, as hard work within the company can often lead to higher positions. Besides this, consultants leaving the company after two to three years of working at Student-Consultant will often stay in consultancy at other firms that Student-Consultant works with, or they stay at companies that they provided consultancy services for during projects. Thus, providing the ideal starting point for young consultants, as Student-Consultant gives them an opportunity to work at or for the company before being officially employed by them, acting like a bridge between your academic career and your business career.

In return, Student-Consultant is looking for ambitious students who are willing to learn and develop their skills to utilize in a business perspective. A student consultant should be able to quickly learn and have fun developing new skills on the fly. The company is looking for students who have at least 60 ECTS on a University level, or students in their pre-master program.

What are your sustainable initiatives?

Student Consultant highly values sustainability. We work on several projects for our clients to make them more sustainable. For example, we minimize waste from production processes by optimizing the data management and analytics for the global market leader in the production industry. Moreover, we are making business cases for the biggest global port network to support their way to net zero. Also, all our consultants only travel with public transportation and they are encouraged to do so.

  • Head office 's-Hertogenbosch
  • Number of Employees 52
  • Field Business Consulting
  • Certified B-corp? No

What are we looking for?


  • Bachelor year 2
  • Bachelor year 3
  • Premaster