Simon Kucher

Simon-Kucher & Partners is an international consulting firm specializing in pricing, sales, marketing, and strategy. Founded in 1985, we focus on TopLine Power® by helping our clients improve sales rather than cut costs. We don’t churn out pages and pages of convoluted reports; we develop concise, directly applicable solutions. Our clients are diverse, ranging from large multinationals in consumer goods and retail to hidden champions in industrials, software, and business services. Our project work involves strategic, C-level commercial topics, such as:

  • Analyzing commercial growth opportunities across countries, channels, and customer segments
  • Developing the business models of the future
  • Preparing decision makers in the boardroom for digital transformations
  • Investigating consumer and customer needs and quantifying the value drivers
  • Determining optimal subscription packages and pricing
  • And all other challenges that require fact-based approaches and demonstrable profit growth

As a consultant at Simon-Kucher, you’ll be given responsibility and entrepreneurial freedom from day you walk into one of our offices. You’ll be involved in all phases of our projects: from business development, big data analyses, and storyline development to the final presentation to the client. Our hypothesis-driven way of working will have you quickly getting to the core of complex issues. While contributing to the activities that further expand the consultancy practice in the Netherlands. 

Simon-Kucher & Partners offers all the benefits of a large firm but the feeling of working at a startup. Our 40 offices in 26 countries means you’ll have international opportunities, personal development training and excellent terms and conditions all while enjoying the personal and entrepreneurial culture of our relatively small-scale Amsterdam office. The Dutch office doubles every five years and in corona year 2020 the growth was over 20%. This offers opportunities for entrepreneurial strategy consultants who want to start their career with a steep learning curve.

During our interactive case solving session at the STAR Management Week 2021, you will get to know Simon-Kucher & Partners better, get a feeling of what kind of projects we do and you will definitely get the opportunity to ask all your questions regarding the cases, our company and our recruitment process while meeting our Strategy Consultants. 

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