About Qompas

Qompas CarrièreStart (carrierestart.qompas.nl) is the online career guide for higher educated graduates and provides for an overview of all the top employers in the Netherlands. Internships, traineeships or entry level positions? In the Netherlands or abroad? Qompas helps you to make well informed career decisions.

Viewing and comparing 350 organizations and entry level positions

Extensive presentations and overviews of all entry level positions provide you with the tools to evaluate your career options within different organizations. What’s the culture like? How is the job application procedure? And what will you be earning? The business profiles on Qompas CarrièreStart provide you with an overview of everything you need to know about entry level jobs. 

The website also provides the possibility to compare different companies to one another. Qompas CarrièreStart includes presentations of top level organizations in 21 different fields. Which top level organizations will be your first employer? Using Qompas CarrièreStart will help you to determine which organization is your best match.

 Looking for help during your job applications?

Qompas effectively functions as a link between students and companies. A successful job application starts with YOU. The online Application Tools on the Qompas website start with a thorough self-analysis. Once you’ve painted an accurate picture of yourself, it’s essential to show potential employers your convincing personality and unique talents during application procedures. That way you will give them an honest and realistic picture of who you are and convince them that you’ll make a valuable employee. The interactive exercises included in the Qompas Application Tools prepare you for every step in the application procedure and challenge you to find out more about yourself.

For more information on Qompas and the online Decision Tools go to carrierestart.qompas.nl.