Enter the world of Pon.
Pon is one of the largest family-run businesses in the Netherlands. Pon employs almost 13,000 people at over 450 branches across 32 countries. Our daily goal is to present the best offers we can to our (potential) customers.

Offers based on selling top products from the best manufacturers, and providing complementary services such as maintenance, repair, leasing, rental and financing. It is our staff who make the difference: they work proudly for the brands and for Pon.

Pon is an international trading and service company, engaged in a wide range of activities. The greater part of our activities is focused on import, logistics, marketing, distribution, service and maintenance of products which complement each other in terms of type, quality and organization. Products and markets like cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, busses, tires, road construction and earthmoving equipment, shipping, off-shore, transport and logistics.

Pon constantly strives to achieve the highest possible added value in the relationship between customer and manufacturer. We are privileged to have long lasting relationships with the manufacturers of the products we import. More information about Pon can be found at www.pon.com.

Management Traineeship
The Pon Management Traineeship is about having the freedom to develop yourself and build your own career. Whilst completing four projects in four different Pon operating companies (in the Netherlands and abroad), in various disciplines (usually in the field of Marketing, Sales, Service and Supply Chain), you will be constantly challenged!

Work at one of 450 branches of 80 Pon companies located in 32 countries.
As a Management Trainee you will complete four projects at four different Pon companies. The first project (6 months) will be selected for you by the Talent Development Manager. After this first project, you are fully in charge of finding the next two challenging projects (6 months each). The fourth project will be a sales or service assignment (2 months). Here you will discover the true roots of Pon and you will have various customer contact experiences. The duration of your internship will be 20 months in total.

After your management traineeship.
The Management Traineeship is designed to develop our future leaders’ competencies. Pon aims to prepare trainees for a Management Team position within five to seven years after completing the program. During your final project you will apply for a challenging first position. Typical roles for a Management Trainee after the program are account manager, product manager, branch manager or team leader in sales, service, marketing or supply chain.

Do you want to know more about our Management Traineeship? Check our website pontrainee.com.