In the year of 1875 the Verton family, who are the founding fathers of Omoda, were already active in the shoe industry. The great-grandfather of the current owners was a shoemaker in Burgh, a small village in Zeeland, The Netherlands. Back then free delivery was already a big thing for the Verton family, the shoes were delivered to all customers at home by horse and cart. The love for shoes has been passed from generation to generation. Father Lourus Jan Verton and his wife Mina opened the first physical store ‘Verton Schoenen’ in Zierikzee back in 1961. The store was a great success all around town. All due to the good service and the great collection of shoes. Also, this store was the start for the future of Omoda.

1987 was the year that Lourus Verton entered his way into the company. The kids of Lourus Jan and Mina Verton grew up with the shoe horn. The extraordinary love for shoes and customer is clearly present in this family, which resulted in the common goal. With the arrival of Lourus, Omoda opened a second store in the small village Middelharnis(Goeree-Overflakkee). After seven year, back in 1994, also Wilhelms son decided to join the company. In the same year Verton opened more shops what resulted in a total of six stores. The year of 2000 was a very important one in the Omoda history: The new Omoda concept was launched and made an entrance into the shoe branch. In the years following up more stores were opened, such as: Amsterdam, Breda, Utrecht, Heerenveen, Deventer, Den Bosch, Roosendaal and Ridderkerk.

Back in 2007 it was time for a new challenge: the online shop. This turned out into a great success which was the reason that Omoda opened more online shops such as and in 2010, in 2012, in 2014 and in 2015. Omoda also turned global by expanding their physical stores to the fashionable Belgium capital: Antwerp. Antwerp became the first store that was furnished into the new Omoda-style. Which means luxury, black and gold shades and shoes lined up wide and spacious. Ever since, the other Omoda stores are turned into or still turning into the new Omoda-style. The headquarter of Omoda became way too small, because of the enormous growth in the last decade. In other words, time to move the employees into a new office. Since 2014 the headquarter of Omoda is located at the Ruigendijkweg in Zierikee, the town where it all started.


We always aim to go that extra mile to be the best shoe retailer in personal customer experience, service, inspiration, innovation and responsible business.


Omoda is made for the shoe lovers. We provide the best trends in fashion to complete your outfit. As a family company we always aim to go that extra mile.


Ever since 2014 the Omoda headquarter is located at the edge of the little town in Zierikzee. Besides the departments HR, Marketing, Customer service and Buying you can also find our distribution centre and warehouse here.


At this moment there are 28 Omoda shops to be found, including our store in Antwerp, and we are still counting. Desperate for a shopping spree? Come and find your nearest Omoda store in The Netherlands or Belgium.


Besides the physical shops, Omoda also has an online shop. Super easy and in no time you will find the best shoes, bags and accessories. Additionaly to the easiness of shopping at Omoda, you also get a lot of benefits from online shopping. As an example, you receive a discount code on your birthday and you will always be up-to-date when it comes to the newest trends. Need we say more?

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